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Marvels and Misfits (Trixie Towers #1) by Scarlett Dawn - recensione di Amyra

Death this way comes to souls who break Fae law. So it is written. So carved in blood. Mighty are the Fae who watch us all.

I’m screwed. Royally screwed. Of all the ways to mess up, I picked a real gem this time—of the hot shifter sort. Especially because I’m the crowned elven princess.

A forbidden soul mating with the cruel King Athon was not why I attended the royal summit of magical races. Our kinds do not mix, as is written in death-blood. And I’ll be damned before I let some arrogant alpha tell me what to do, and for once I’m not talking about my father.

Now, I’m on the quest of a lifetime.
My crew of accomplices—sworn enemies. Including King Athon and my father. Our mission—retrieve ancient artifacts lost forever. Good luck there.

And if we fail?
No worries. The giants will crush the realm.

Between all the secrets and lies, my name is Trixie Towers; and that’s the only truth that won’t get me dead.


Absolutely loved it!
I've read all of Mrs. Dawn books and she delivers every. damn. time.
I adored Trixie sass and how she interacts with the Royals. As for her mate... well... let's just say that enemy to lovers is one of my favorite tropes and I just hope Scarlett will not kill him off, because she is famous for killing mates in practically all her books. I can't wait for the next book, because we are still at the enemy who barely tolerates each other stage. I want to see the arrogant shifter king falling! Go Trixie!

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