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Moon Mark ARC Read & Review

Title: Moon Mark (Mark #2)
Author: Scarlett Dawn
Release date: 6/20/16
Subject Name: Madeline Faire
Race: Human
Sex: Female
Age: 22
Designation: Prisoner
Temperament: Curious

When natural disaster strikes Joyal, Madeline is tossed from her planet into the hands of the Kireg. Madeline has always feared the Kireg, an alien who can bend—or snap—a mind with only a thought. What she found on their home planet is even more frightening. Civil unrest has exploded and enemies are everywhere. But the one thing she never expected to find was her mate, the rebellion leader who started the war.

I received this ARC from the Author in exchange for an honest review.
Let me start saying that I absolutely adored the first book (or serial, whatever) of this series, Cold MArk. Braita was my all-time fav heroine.
Madaleine is more a lover than a warrior. She's an engineer, she knows how to made bombs, but she's a pacifist.
She didn't like Geo at first and was forced to mate with him in humiliating circumstances. And when I say mate... I'm meaning in a sexual way. So. No, I didn't like it. This is my hard limit, sorry. Too much like rape in my vocabulary.
Yes, at the end Geo is fabulous and they are a good couple, but I simply can't forget how they started it.
My vote: 2.5 stars
Sigh. I had so much hope in this one.... let's wish for more in the next installment.

Title: Game Master (Skeleton Key)
Author: Scarlett Dawn
Release day: 6/18/16
Arizona Creed lost her assassin father, and her whole world changed.
With one magical skeleton key, Arizona lands in another realm.

Forget Earth. Terlant is the place to be. And Lucifer wants her there, the dashing man with no last name and more secrets than even she has. But love isn’t always enough. Arizona must find purpose in her new life.

The Royal Guard could give Lucifer and Arizona what they desire.
They only need to pass two tests to win the Game and enter the elite Guard.
But is her real test to open her heart to true love?
And will she win her wings to fly into his arms?

I received this ARC from the Author in exchange for an honest review.
This is a stand-alone short story that I really enjoyed. An assin's dauther, in the aftermath of her father's murder, found a skeleton key and was magically catapulted in another realm. 
She's not a wilting flower. Here she found her true love (but was able to admit it only after 3 years, poor baby) and a career worthy of her father's teachings.
It's absolutely stunning the connection the main characters have, and the majority of it in a non-sexual way. They are true soul mates, almost able to read the mind. As I said, stunning.
As always with short story that I enjoy, my main complain is the lack of a full-lenght book for this story. Sigh.
On a side note, it was really a "Aha!" moment when I understand the title.
My vote: 3 stars

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