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Blood Tree: Part Two by Scarlett Dawn recensione di AMYRA

Where there is light, there is dark.
The two halves make a whole…
Or do they constantly battle for dominance?
Juliet Julius has watched her daughter, Kenna, grow into a fierce young woman. She has protected her. She has guarded her. She has sacrificed all she had to give. And she tried her hardest to keep her from the Dark.
But now it's Juliet’s turn.
Her social life is no longer on hold.
Juliet can shimmy her hips whenever she wants.
But it’s too bad those hips attract so much attention. Juliet might just have a sinister problem of her own. In the form of one hell of an alpha male who wants nothing more than to destroy her…and to sensually devour her body.
*This is a 20,000 word novella*
Find Blood Tree: Part One here:

I received this ebook from the author in exchange for an honest review.
The first part was nice but nothing more, so I wasn't expecting much.
It was so much better!
The more mature prospective of Juliet was entrancing. It never occurred to me to consider who was Kenna's dad. And so we learn more about the original dark elf. I loved him!
Even the ending, Mrs Dawn's Achille's heel, was nice and just the right thing. I was so sad about the novella's brevity!
I'm just hoping there will be more. More Juliet, more Kenna! Please!
My vote: 4 stars

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