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Keeper of the Night (The Keepers: L.A., #1) by Heather Graham

Keeper of the Night (The Keepers: L.A., #1)Keeper of the Night by Heather Graham
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

It was really hard to read this book, I do not really know why, the plot was interesting enough and I usually really like elves and sups too.
All this stuff about Keepers was not so clear and the heroine and her cousins were not such interesting characters, IMHO of course.
Anyway It had probably all the problems that come along with the first book in a new series, and as a multiple writers series I do not know if I'll give it another chance in March. Let's wait and see.

E' stata veramente dura finire questo libro, non so nemmeno la ragione, perchè era sufficientemente interessante e la trama non era poi così semplice. All'inizio non mi era molto chiara la faccenda dei Keepers (Guardiani) e l'eroina e le sue cugine non erano poi personaggi così intriganti. Inoltre poi c'erano tutti i problemi che riguardano sempre il primo libro di una serie, ma siccome saranno tre storie scritte da autrici differenti, forse la continuerò a leggere, o forse no, staremo a vedere.


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