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Blood Tree Silver Edition by Scarlett Dawn - recensione di Amyra

I received this ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review.
Blood Tree: silver edition is a box set who contains Kenna's story (Blood Tree: part one), Juliet's story (Blood Tree: part two) plus a bonus story, Susan's.

It's a nice story. Kenna discovered at thirteen that she's an Elv. But what kind? She can enter the light elves' realm but she has the dark elves' black hair. For her to be a light one, like her mother, she just need to not have sex before she's twenty, to not kill anyone, even accidentally, and to not enter through a dark wooden door. Easy peasy. Not.
The ending is a bit week, and this ruined a bit the novella, but as I have said before, endings are not this author's stronger suit.
My vote: 3 stars

The first part was nice but nothing more, so I wasn't expecting much.
It was so much better!
The more mature prospective of Juliet was entrancing. It never occurred to me to consider who was Kenna's dad. And so we learn more about the original dark elf. I loved him!
Even the ending, Mrs Dawn's Achille's heel, was nice and just the right thing. I was so sad about the novella's brevity!
I'm just hoping there will be more. More Juliet, more Kenna! Please!
My vote: 4 stars

It's true, it's a bonus story and nothing more, but I was expecting a minimum of quality, criminy.
After Juliet's story, my expectations were set high, but with this one they crushed to nothing.
Susan's story is... insipid. Hollow. Senseless.
Better to have stop reading at Juliet's, trust me.
My vote: 2 stars.

Box set vote: 3 stars

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