mercoledì, marzo 04, 2015

"Chosen Thief" by Scarlett Dawn, recensione di Amyra

I received this ebook from the author via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
Chosen thief is a fast pacing, roller coaster of a book. It took my breath away. Sadly, it did non compare to King Hall.
I didn't like that Caro is attracted to so much people. Who is her true mate? We don't have a clue. Her only true relationship is with Sin, her half adoptive brother, sometimes boyfriend, loyal companion, and I adore him.
We have too many possible candidates for stable relationship and I just don't like it. A prodigy, a spirit king, Caro's ex lover (who, by the way, is a girl.... yes, Caro is bisexual).
Just... no. I can understand casual sex but this is a harem!!!
We'll see what happen next.
Vote: 3.5 stars
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