sabato, febbraio 21, 2015

Stop, Scarlett Dawn (recensione di Amyra)

I received this ebook directly from the author in exchange for an honest review.
My first reaction:
But.. but... too short!!! too deranged!!! too much of a cliffhanger!!! *go screaming into the night*
After a long time, in a more sane state of mind:
I love Scarlett Dawn's writing and I love the Cold Mark serial with a vengeance. Sadly, I was disappointed by Stop. In this chapter, my all-time favorite heroine, Braita, is an insufferable, spoiled brat. I believe, now, that it was intentional... but I hated how she thinks only of herself and not of the consequences. Now, like an alien Helen of Troy, she brought war to her planet... I'm dying to see what happen next.
If it was me? 4 hot boys that want me and to have hot sex with me? Where do I need to sign? Surely I would NOT run, lol.
Vote: 3.5 stars

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