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The Trip to Echo Spring by Olivia Laing

The Trip to Echo SpringThe Trip to Echo Spring by Olivia Laing
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The history of alcohol dependence, as well as friendship in almost all cases, intertwines the lives of Fitzgerald, Hemingway, Williams, Cheever, Berryman and Carver. The author takes advantage of a journey that has carried out in several places as told by these authors, to describe those places who have been part of their lives mostly in an alchoolic state. Several passages are taken from books, others from letters they sent to each other or to friends and relatives. It is natural to wonder how much their skill is attributable to the presence or absence of alcohol, but it is clear that no one can answer this question.

La storia di dipendenza dall'alcool, oltre all'amicizia in quasi tutti i casi, lega le vite di Fitzgerald, Hemingway, Williams, Cheever, Berryman e Carver. L'autrice approfitta di un viaggio che ha effettuato in parecchi dei luoghi raccontati da questi autori, per descrivere quelle che sono state parti delle loro vite in stato alcolico. Parecchi brani sono tratti dai libri, altre dalle corrispondenze che intrattenevano tra loro. Viene spontaneo chiedersi quanta della loro bravura sia da imputare alla presenza o all'assenza di alcool, ma é chiaro che a questa domanda nessuno puó rispondere.


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